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sogou pinyin browser download

Sogou Pinyin Browser English Version Download for Windows is a Chinese search engine that allows users to search for text, images, music, maps, and more. It is a search engine developed by a Chinese technological company. See how to download the latest Sogou Pinyin browser English version and install it on your Windows computers.

As one of the oldest and most often-used search engines, Sogou provides results as fast as possible, putting smiles on users’ faces. Moreover, you can use this site to download images, songs, movies, and more. 

To activate it, simply go to your Control Panel > Regions and Languages > Keyboards and Languages to turn on Sogou Pinyin.

Regardless of its ranking, Sogou is the main rival in the race for Chinese search supremacy. Tencent is the world’s fifth-largest internet corporation by the revenue they support Sogou.

How To Create an Account on Sogou

To access and use the Sogou search engine, you need to create an account to get started. Registering with Sogou gives users a license to explore more about the site. Also, browsers get answers to questions quickly when the registration is complete.

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To create an account, follow these procedures:

  1. Create an account on Sogou with your name, phone number, and company name.
  2. Await a call from Sogou’s marketing department.
  3.  Agree to a service contract
  4.  Make your ad account active.

How to Download Sogou Pinyin Browser Apk

For internet explorers to enjoy the features of the Sogou website, they will need a guide. Pinyin is the present guide that gives users full backup.

Pinyin helps Western students understand Chinese. With Pinyin, users outside china can browse the site comfortably. Users must add Sogou to Pinyin to get the beauty of the site. To add Sogou to Pinyin, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install app software.
  2. If the UAC dialog appears, select YES.
  3. In the install UI, click Install right away.
  4. Wait for the process to finish before unchecking the “install the Sogou browser” box.
  5. Uncheck all of the choices and then click Finish.

How To Activate Sogou Account

After sign-up activation is another step altogether. Once the installation is complete, you proceed to the activation of the account. 

It doesn’t require much to activate your Sogou account. Below are the simple steps to trigger your account:

  1.  Navigate your Control Panel -> Regions and Languages -> Keyboards and Languages to turn on Sogou Pinyin.
  2.  Choose Chinese as your input language and try typing a phrase in Pinyin from your beginner’s book.

How can I write Chinese on my computer?

You cannot type Chinese on my computer? Follow these steps if you want to add Chinese Input to your Windows 10 computer:
  • Open “Settings” after clicking the “Windows” symbol.
  • Select “Time & Language” from the drop-down menu.
  • Under Preferred Language, select Language and then “Add a language.”
  • Click “Next” after typing the input you want to add, such as the Chinese language.
  • Then “Install”

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