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neuton app download is the first platform that combines the top educational resources in one location with a roadmap to help students learn skill sets more quickly. Neuton app is a peer-to-peer learning network for high school students. However, anyone who wants to assist high school students as a teacher, mentor, tutor, e.t.c. is welcome to use the platform.

What is about?

This is an online platform where you can learn about anything. By answering all your questions in simple terms, Neuton can clear up uncertainty and make skills acquisition simpler for you.

The Neuton software assists people who have trouble comprehending parts of their course material. The app also aids students in studying more effectively by responding to inquiries from other students pursuing the same courses.


  • The best online resources

There is no need to waste time looking for the best resources because the roadmap includes resources for each topic.

  • Perfect your skills better and faster.

Get all the information you need to learn a skill and track your learning progress. 

  • Step by step guidance

A schedule that will help you learn every subject in a skill step-by-step and conserve your valuable time.

  • Community support for you

Get support from the community at any point along the roadmap. Meeting people like you is always nice.

  • Resources of every kind on one platform.

Use the internet to find the best courses, projects, books, articles, and internships. Each resource is added and approved by our community.

Benefits of the Neuton App Platform

  • When you are unsure of what to learn, choose a skill you want to learn and click the “open roadmap” button to look at the skill’s roadmap. Experts create and approve each roadmap.
  • Choose a topic from the roadmap that interests you, then click the resources button to get all the best sources for that topic in one spot.
  • By sorting and filtering the resources, choose the one that best suits your needs or go with the one that has received the most community votes.

How to Register on

If you want to create an account on the platform it is simple. All that is require is your full name, username, email address and password.

When you register on, you get access to all of the free resources and roadmaps. You will also get the chance to meet incredible people who are like you and be able to measure your learning progress.

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