Update MXQ Pro 4K Firmware 2022 – Download Latest Version

Update MXQ Pro 4K Firmware 2022

This article shows how to Update MXQ Pro 4K Firmware 2022, the latest version. The Android 5.1 Lollipop-powered MXQ Pro 4K streaming device runs on the Amlogic S905 processor. The Mi Box is less expensive than the Amazon Firestick and other well-known Android TV boxes.

The MXQ Pro’s ability to stream Kodi is its standout feature because earlier versions of the device used the Amlogic S805 SOC, which runs Android operating systems lower than lollipop, and Kodi does not support operating systems lower than that OS version.

Requirements for 5G Upgrade

  1. Windows PC and stable internet
  2. USB to USB cord
  3. USB Burning Tool (Amlogic USB Burning Tool)

Despite the manual controls on the streaming device, you cannot separately update the MXQ Pro firmware to the latest software version. Before you can download the MXQ Pro 4K firmware, you must go through some processes.

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How to Update MXQ Pro 4K Firmware Latest Version

Download Amlogic USB Burning Tool from the file page. Ensure to installed it after downloading. Get the MXQ PRO 4K Firmware from this page as well. After downloading, take the following actions.

  • Download the Latest MXQ PRO 4K Firmware Version

Just download the MXQ PRO 4K Firmware from the download section below.

  • Connect MXQ PRO 4K to PC

Connect the MXQ PRO to PC Windows with the USB to USB cable.

  • Hit the Reset Button

Press and hold the reset button on the MXQ PRO 4K for about 10 seconds. The AV slot will have it available.

  • Open USB Burning Tool

After installing the USB Burning Tool open it on your PC.

  • Import Image

Click on the Import image option under the File menu at the top page.

  • Open the .img file

The .img file is under the downloaded firmware folder.

  • Unselect Overwrite Key

Find the Overwrite key feature on the right sidebar.

  • Select Start

Find the start option on the right sidebar and click on it to begin.

  • MXQ PRO 4K Update Done

After the update is complete, the MXQ Pro 4k version update process with the USB Burning Tool is over.

MXQ Pro 4K Firmware Update with SD Card

  1. Copy the files from the zip file to your SD card, then put that card into the TV Box after opening it.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable, then using a little stick, push and hold the upgrade button (located in the AV port).
  3. To the power source, connect your device.
  4. When it starts upgrading, release your grip.

If you want the best Android TV streaming media player, the most popular option for watching all HD quality videos might be the MXQ Pro 4K. Some users install the MXQ Pro 4k Update with SD card. You will receive new features with the most recent update. On the new OS, you can install unsupported old apps.

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